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Heaven's Cloud Co

Lucky Draw Phone Charm/ Lightstick Keychains

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These are handmade wire and bead charms! These look super cute hanging from your phone, bag, or lightstick!

Each keychain/ charm is handmade and one of a kind! Some keychains are made for specific groups/ group members and there is also some with no names that are just cute! They come in a variety of colors with a mix of plastic and glass beads.

Charms are being sold in a lucky draw fashion! You can choose the group and you will randomly get one charm related to that group. Meaning, if you choose a group, you will get a charm with either the group name, fandom name, or a group member's name. If you select the no name option, you will receive a cute charm of a random color.

Because these are random, I will not be accepting any exchanges or returns if you do not receive your preferred color or member.